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Improving your driving style. 

Kilometre after kilometre.

You are in the Driver’s Seat.


What is Driver's Seat? 

Driver’s Seat is an app that encourages you to be the best driver you can be.
How? By challenging you to improve your driving style, every trip you make.


By showing you your results after every trip. By comparing your results to that of others. By rewarding you with XP points every time you did an excellent driving job.

All you have to do is download the app, press ‘Go’ and take your place in the Driver’s Seat!


*Currently available for Android phones only

Why do others use the app?  


Driver’s Seat encourages you to be a safe driver. The app registers your driving behaviour and gives you feedback after every trip. 


Driver’s Seat puts you in the driving seat. Having immediate insight in your driving style allows you to improve directly. You don’t have to wait for your supervisor. You can take action. Now. 


You can set your own goals. Compete with your colleagues against others. Be part of a county team, contributing to safety in your community. 

Who is the app for? 

Driver’s Seat is developed with drivers in mind.
For professional drivers who spend a large part of their time on the road. Professionals who wish to improve their driving style continiously and want to do that in a fun way. 

The Leaderboard


Press GO to Start the app and start tracking. 

Press STOP at the end of your trip. 

  • Why was Driver’s Seat developed?
    Road traffic crashes cause a lot of pain and grief all over the world. On an annual basis over 1,3 million lose their lives and another 50 million get injured as a result of traffic crashes. Most of these crashes can be attributed to driver behaviour. Driver’s Seat will not only give drivers immediate insight in their performance, it also challenges the drivers to perform better each time they drive. We do this by rewarding good behaviour (earning XP points) and announcing personal, team and country challenges to encourage drivers to improve every time they are on the road.
  • How does Driver’s Seat work?
    Driver’s Seat is an app encourages you to be the best driver you can. The app measures your driving behaviour and rewards you with points when your drive in a safe way. Currently, Driver’s Seat measures if you respect the speed limits, if you do not use your mobile phone while driving and if you take a break after two hours of driving. Based on your results, you can earn XP points. The XP points will be shown in the leader board.
  • What can I do with XP points?
    Your XP points will be displayed in the leader board. At a later stage you can use your XP points to trade in for go to higher, more challenging levels, ‘pay’ with your XP points for personalised app features and much more.

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What people are saying

"I really like how easy to use this app is and how many features the app has".

“This app is a lot of fun, and it also helps me to improve my driving style every time that I use it".

"My colleagues and I started using the app and now we keep trying to challenge each other to do better every day".

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